Saturday 6 September 2014, 2.30 PM
Throughout the building, free entrance

Mäshräp (Uyghuristan)
Mariachi Tierra Caliente (Mexico)
Jalli Lamin Kuyateh & The Jalliya Ensemble (Gambia)
Nizar Rohana (Palestine)
Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest (Andalusia)
Necati Karakus (Turkey)
Namgyal Lhamo (Tibet)

Festive matinee to welcome the Atlas musicians and audience with concerts by international musicians who reside in the Netherlands.


Double bill
Saturday 6 September 2014, 4 PM
Big Hall, € 22 (€ 17.50) >

The melancholy duduk (Armenia)
Gevorg Dabaghian duduk and others

The passion of the Mugam (Azerbaijan)
Elshan Mansurov kamancha
Elchin Nagijev tar

Two intriguing musical traditions from the Caucasus are juxtaposed in a double concert. The Armenians have preserved a centuries-old musical culture while the melancholy duduk (oboe) represents the voice of the Armenian soul. Gevorg Dabaghian, a world-famous musician, knows how to reach the hearts of his listeners, whether he plays traditional or contemporary Armenian repertoire.

The Mugam, traditional Azerbaijani art music, belongs to the same cultural family as the Arab and Turkish maqam and the Persian dastgah. The mugam’s musical structure serves as the basis for vocal and instrumental compositions. Every mugam revolves around no fewer than 10 to 20 melodies. Elshan Mansurov and Elchin Nagijev are unequalled virtuoso players on their instruments, the kamancha and the tar.


Wereldklankspeeltuin (World music playground)
Saturday 6 September 2014, 4 PM
Klankspeeltuin, € 8.50 > (advance booking recommended)

Workshop for children (7+)
Specifically for the Atlas Festival, Klankspeeltuin focuses on world music! During a workshop lasting 90 minutes, children can make their own compositions, play with interactive sound installations, and get to use all sorts of surprising sounds from the Far East, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. It is not necessary to be able to read notes or play a music instrument: children can start straight away!


Istanbul – Metropolis of East and West
Saturday 6 September 2014, 6 PM
Entrance hall, free entrance

Neva Özgen kemençe

Afternoon concert with Neva Özgen (and others) on the kemençe (Turkish string instrument). Plus Turkish snacks.


De Atlas draait… (As the globe turns…)
Saturday 6 September 2014, 7.15 PM
Foyerdeck 1, free entrance

Interviews with composers.


Vergezichten (Views)
Saturday 6 September 2014, 8.15 PM
Big Hall, € 28.50 (€ 23) >

Atlas Ensemble
Artjom Kim conductor

Anthony Cheung More Marginalia
Wells Leng Conversations
Klaas de Vries Chant *
Mathias Coppens Oriëntaties
Jonathan Stark Canvas
Hui Tak-Cheung Rhyme in Rhyme

For those who like surprises; the Atlas Ensemble is nothing if not adventurous. In addition to a commissioned work by Klaas de Vries (1944, the Netherlands), the featured music is the cream of the crop of the Atlas Summer Academy. During the month of August, composers and instrumentalists from all over the world gathered in the Conservatory of Amsterdam. With an open mind, and determined to ignore boundaries, they met and created.

This sparked an inspiring process of research, mutual learning and experiments, exchanges between different traditions, tonal systems, and ideas. The resulting programme contains – by definition – a series of premieres, as works are created for unique combinations of instruments from different cultures, written by composers from a variety of backgrounds and heritages.

* A composition commission by the Atlas Ensemble and funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation


Poetry and dastgah (Iran)
Saturday 6 September 2014, 11 PM
Big Hall, free entrance

Kiya Tabassian setar
Pasha Karami tombak

Sahand Sahebdivani poetry and storytelling

Persian night concert with, among others, Kiya Tabassian on the setar (Iranian string instrument) alongside poetry and Iranian food and drinks.